Research is Critical To Serving The Cause and the Community

The GBS-CIDP Foundation International believes in supporting research on GBS and CIDP, funding grants for projects that contribute to the knowledge of and towards an eventual cure for GBS and CIDP.


GBS|CIDP Research Report 


Apply for a Research Grant


If you are a researcher committed to learning more about GBS, CIDP and variants we encourage you to submit your grant application to the Foundation.

Multiple grants are awarded annually. Grant amounts awarded range from $40,000 to $60,000. A grant application may be submitted for all or part of a project.

Please note and follow the submission timeline:

  • Letters of Intent are due November 1
  • Notification given by December 15
  • Full proposals are due February 15
  • Grants are awarded May 30

To request a brochure detailing application guidelines, please call the Foundation office at 610-667-0131 or email or to download a .pdf version Click Here.

Grants are made possible through the benevolence of many sources, including:

  • The Helen S. Manheimer Research Fund
  • Contributions from individuals
  • Commercial sources