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Your Voice Will Strengthen Ours

Capital Hill
One of our key partners in the effort to improve health outcomes for individuals affected by GBS, CIDP, and variants is the federal government. There are numerous meaningful programs devoted to advancing medical research and conducting public health activities. Further, the Members of Congress who oversee these programs regularly make decisions on legislative and policy issues that impact access to therapy and the quality of healthcare.

As a rare disease community, it is safe to assume that most Senators and House Representatives are unfamiliar with GBS, CIDP, and variants as well as the unique needs of patients. The best way to educate your elected officials and ensure they have the necessary information to make informed decisions that benefit the community is to use your story and your voice to build a relationship with your Members of Congress. Grassroots advocacy lead the way when it comes to advancing research, facilitating treatment development, and improving care. It’s easy to get started and the Foundation is here to support and assist you every step of the way!

What’s Important: Advocacy Priorities

The GBS/CIDP Foundation International has been and continues to be very concerned about the health care reform law (Affordable Care Act – ACA) passed in 2010. Many of its parts have been implemented yet many more very critical components have not.

What We’re Fighting For: Current Advocacy Updates

The GBS/CIDP Foundation International has been and continues to be very concerned with legislation that affects patients with GBS, CIDP, and other variants.

Get Involved: What YOU can do to help

Are you interested in becoming an advocate? There are a number of ways for you to get involved and help support legislative changes  for the Foundation.

Additional Advocacy Tools and Resources