Tell Congress Why Plasma Is Essential

For many people, IVIG and SCIG is an amazing, life-saving medication! IVIG and SCIG are immunoglobulin therapies created from source plasma. Source plasma is donated from healthy volunteers at one of many plasma collection centers across the country. People who donate plasma are everyday heroes and we thank them for their time and contribution! 

Currently, there is a situation that is making it harder for people to donate source plasma. US Customs and Border Protection has stopped allowing people from Mexico to come to the US to donate plasma, and this could result in a decline in the amount of source plasma available to create medicines like IVIG or SCIG.

Help us protect the source plasma supply by writing a letter to your Senators and Representative! Our goal is to make Members of Congress aware that this action could affect access to medicines in the near future.

Complete the form below to create a letter that will be sent to your Representative and Senators!


In partnership with Immunoglobulin National Society, we encourage our community to join the #ItsMyTurn campaign. This campaign encourages people who are able, to take action that directly impacts the patients we serve, by donating plasma!

How Do I Donate and Join the Campaign?

  1. Locate your nearest Plasma Donation Center
  2. Donate plasma. Take a picture or a quick video of yourself donating.
  3. Post to your company’s or personal social media.
    • Use #ItsMyTurn and #IgNS hashtags.
    • Tag @IgNSorg, so we know you’ve donated!
    • Invite your colleagues, friends, and customers to participate.
    • Use the provided logos for your social media posts.  You may also use a Facebook frame by searching for IgNS.
Please remember: 
Plasma donation is a commitment. First donations are discarded if the donor does not return for a second time. You must donate more than once to make a difference!
#itsmyturn donate plasma


Are Plasma Donation Centers Open?

Yes. The Department of Homeland Security considers plasma donation center and their workers a part of the “critical infrastructure industry” which means plasma donation centers are open and accepting donations.

Is it safe to visit and donate at plasma donation centers? 

Yes. Plasma donation centers are safe, and follow rigorous federal, state, and industry safety standards. Read more here and here
Please call your local donation center for details regarding COVID-19 precautions for donors.

Is it a concern that a donor may have been exposed to COVID-19? Could I harm a patient unknowingly?

The plasma supply is safe. Rigorous donor screening procedures are the mainstay of plasma collection. Additional screening procedures have been implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Careful donor screening is just the beginning. Manufacturing of plasma derived therapies employs state of the art processes to ensure safety of these products.  COVID-19 is considered to be highly susceptible to viral inactivation and removal processes currently employed by plasma protein product manufacturers. These processes include the use of solvent/detergent treatment, caprylate, nanofiltration, pasteurization, and other dedicated viral inactivation and removal steps.  Read more

How can I find a plasma donation center near me?

Donations centers are located throughout the US. To find one nearest you, visit

Feel free to ask the donation center about their specific COVID-19 safety steps.

We are grateful for your participation in #ItsMyTurn plasma collection campaign.  Together, we can help ensure every patient has access to lifesaving plasma-derived therapies!

Can I donate plasma if I have had or have GBS or CIDP and been treated with Ig?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that those who have been treated with immunoglobulin therapy defer blood or plasma donations for 12 months following your last treatment. Please defer to the Red Cross for any questions relating to your eligibility to donate blood or plasma.