Where Do Walk Donations Go? Research!

The GBS|CIDP Walk & Roll program is a great opportunity to raise awareness, build a local support network, and get involved with GBS|CIDP community. This year we are pleased to announce that funds raised through the Walk & Roll program will be used to support research studies focused on the treatment and diagnosis for GBS|CIDP and variants of the condition such as MMN. Funds raised through our walk program will help to support our research initiatives including:

  • Quicker Diagnosis – Developing methods to more rapidly diagnose GBS, CIDP and its variants, such as MMN.
  • Better Treatments – Developing more effective treatments to limit the disease progression, prevent complications and reduce long-term adversities.
  • Genetics – Identifying mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of family disorders.

Interested in attending a GBS|CIDP Walk & Roll? Here is the 2018 schedule (more dates to come).  Interested in starting a walk in a city near you? See the packet for more information and details on hosting a walk.  Please feel free to contact Walk Coordinator, Jessica McManus at the Foundation, with any questions.