October Month Of Action: 2020 Advocacy Awareness Campaign

Hill Day 2019 – we can’t wait to return safely to in-person events!

Like so many other plans and programs, our 2020 Hill Day has taken on a whole new look and will now be a virtual Month of Action! This October, we encourage you to raise your voice on Capitol Hill for the GBS|CIDP community, right from your own home. Our Virtual “Month of Action” kicks off October 5th with 3 easy steps you can do from home, including online virtual “Hill Day” training (at your convenience), speaking with Members of Congress and their staff, sharing key advocacy collateral, and earning prizes to encourage you every “step” of the way. Join the list of over 200 GBS|CIDP advocates who have turned the spotlight on legislation and policy issues that impact access to therapy and the quality of healthcare for our patient community.

3 Easy Steps to Advocate from Home

Step 1- Sharpen Your Advocacy Skills

Access our exclusive Month of Action Training Videos by clicking here. Advocates will also gain access to downloadable videos, a toolkit, prompts, and scripts to help you become a confident advocate. You will need to enter your name, email address, and home address so that we can count who is participating from which Congressional District. Email Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org if you have any questions or need help troubleshooting the training materials.


Step 2- Hold a Virtual Meeting with the Local Office

Put your newfound Advocacy Skills to work! Once you complete your training, find your Representative by clicking here and find your Senators by clicking here. Then, find contact information for their local office. HINT- this information is usually under a website tab named “Contact” OR listed at the bottom of the website. Email Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org if you need help finding this information.

Pick one of your Members (either your Representative or one of your Senators), and reach out to their local office to request a phone meeting. You can either send an email, fill out the contact form on their website, or call the phone number associated with the local office.

Don’t forget to tell the Foundation about your meeting (email Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org).


-The local office may or may not respond to your request for a phone meeting. If you don’t get a response after a few days, craft an email that you can send to your Member; either through their website or with the Foundation’s help.
-If you are feeling extra motivated, pick another one of your Members & request a virtual meeting with their local office.
-Regardless of whether or not you get a meeting, keep the Foundation in the loop on your outreach by emailing Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org.
-Know someone in the area who is also an advocate for the Foundation? Ask them to participate in your meeting!

Step 3- Follow Up with The DC Office

Once your Virtual Meeting is completed (or email outreach), the Foundation will provide you with information of a staff person in the DC Office of your Representative or Senator who specializes in healthcare issues. Then, you should send an email to that staff person giving them a quick summary of the virtual meeting you held and highlighting the Foundation’s legislative agenda (check your training materials for a refresher!).

Done with your local visit? Email Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org for the DC contact info you need.

Last Step- Celebrate!

All advocates that complete all 3 Month of Action steps will receive a special gift in the mail!

We Thank You for the time & effort you give to help us make our community’s priorities heard by lawmakers! Together, we can create change for the better.


Our Month of Action is Sponsored by Takeda