October Month of Action – Training

Welcome to the October Month of Action Training Portal! On this page, you will find an abundance of resources to help you get familiar with advocacy. You should start your training by watching the videos, then move on to reading through the advocate toolkit. There are also a few key pieces of information highlighted throughout the page, and finally some advice from our advocacy volunteers! Take your time working through this material. Finally, please remember to reach out with any questions, concerns, or just to check in!

Email Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org at any point throughout your advocacy self-guided training for support.

(FYI – if you leave this page and want to come back, you might have to re-enter your contact info!)

Video Series – Watch These First!

Click here to watch the first advocate training video!
Click here to watch the second advocate training video!
Click here to watch the third advocate training video!

Then, check out this advocacy toolkit!

Get Social With Us! Print the sign, write in your state, and share it on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag the GBS|CIDP Foundation International!

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Pro Tips!

  1. Be Yourself! In any meeting, email, or letter, let your own story in your own voice shine through. The policy pieces will come later (or can be copied & pasted)!
  2. Be Prepared. Have notes or have the policy asks in front of you. Practice sharing your story!
  3. Be direct in your email outreach! Here is an example of how to ask for a meeting:
    • I am a constituent and volunteer for the GBS-CIDP Foundation International, a non-profit organization.  I live in {CITY}and am a survivor/living with of Guillain-Barre Syndrome/CIDP.

      I would like to schedule a brief telephone appointment with you to share with you some information about our Foundation, the rare auto immune illnesses whose patients we help with, and some legislation that is important to our patient community. 

      Here are some days and times that I have that are available next week, and am certainly open to others that might better fit your schedule.  This telephone meeting should take no longer than 30 minutes.
  4. Follow the flow – here is an outline of a typical advocacy meeting:
    -Introduce yourself & thank the person for their time
    -Mention that you are volunteering as an advocate with the GBS|CIDP Foundation International
    -Share your story!  (this will probably take up the most time!).
    -Mention the Foundation’s legislative asks
    -Ask if the person has any questions PRO TIP: You can always tell them you will follow up with them if there is a question you aren’t sure how to answer – this happens all the time & is not big deal!
    -Thank the person for their time!
    -Ask who you can follow up with to continue this discussion
  5. Looking for more? Find out the facts about GBS and CIDP in your state

Another Pro-Tip: Learn About Your State

These fact sheets can help you have extra facts and figures on hand about your specific state! Sometimes, this information helps to relate to the person you are meeting with and highlights that there is a larger GBS|CIDP population in the area which they represent. As a bonus, the Foundation’s Legislative Agenda is on the back for your reference! Find your state’s info by clicking here.

BONUS! Learn about advocacy from our volunteers.

Still have questions? Send an email to Chelsey.Fix@gbs-cidp.org to chat more about all things advocacy!