May is GBS|CIDP Awareness Month

May is GBS CIDP Awareness Month

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Although 2020 brought unprecedented challenges and changes, the world over, 2021 has provided an opportunity to refresh, reset and renew.  We enter this year with new and innovative ways of connecting, an expansion of Foundation programs, and a newly inspired sense of hope for the year ahead. We hope you have found comfort in knowing that the GBS|CIDP Foundation International has continued to Support, Educate, fund Research, and Advocate for our patients, as well as creating new and valuable resources along the way!  

Are you AWARE of what’s new and exciting for our members in 2021?  Check out our 2021 programs & resources below, then Share the Aware, for the GBS|CIDP and variant community!

Support Awareness

  • May 11-19: Barry Shore says Slay Stress, Be Happy, and Support the GBS Foundation International…here’s how! – From May 11 – 18, $1 dollar is donated to GBS|CIDP Foundation International with every purchase of The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy, by GBS survivor and motivational speaker, Barry Shore! Find out more:
  • Register for May 15 VIRTUAL Regional Conference– Join us for our first VIRTUAL Regional Conference, hosted by GBS|CIDP medical experts from our Global Medical Advisory Board(remove comma) and medical professionals from our Dallas and Seattle Centers of Excellence. All are welcome to join, no matter where you reside! Learn more about your condition, available treatments, life after diagnosis, practical daily advice relating to emotional health, and more. Find out more and register today.
  • Discover Youth, Teens & Young Adults (YTA)Program –  In 2021, we launched a new program, Youth, Teen & Young Adults (YTA), specifically designed to support and connect our young members with resources that address their unique needs and requirements. If you are a YTA, or the parent or caregiver of a YTA, find out more about our program resources, as well as ways to meet others and get involved.
  • JOIN Monthly ZOOM COFFEE CHATS – We continue to hold our monthly ZOOM coffee chats for members to connect, share stories, find support in a network of patients, caregivers, and foundation staff… and have some fun too. Check out our May coffee chat schedule, and register to participate!

Education Awareness

  • Watch (and share!) the ASK THE EXPERTS VIDEOCAST!  Our new virtual “Ask the Expert” episodes featuring medical, legislative, and wellness experts in the field of GBS|CIDP. Newly released topics include: COVID-19 Vaccines Explained, Movement is Medicine and Best Practices for Estate Planning. Discover these and more! 
  • Stay updated on COVID-19 and the GBS|CIDP Community – We will continue to provide up-to-date news and information on our COVID-19 educational portal, featuring our Global Medical Advisors, Researchers, and Industry Leaders specializing in treatments and cures for our rare neurologic conditions.
  • ·Discover Multi-Lingual Overview Pamphlets – This year, we have released our GBS|CIDP overview pamphlets in over 17 different languages, and growing. 
  • Share our NEW EU Website – On Rare Disease Day2021, we launched a new EU website specifically designed for our members in the European Region, featuring local news, events, volunteers, and support.

Research Awareness

  • Learn more about the DISCOVERY AWARD – For the very first time in 2021, we will be granting a “Discovery Award” for research. This type of grant awards up to $100,000 per year for a period of two years to intermediate/experienced researchers seeking to answer complex research questions about GBS, CIDP, or variants. Find out more about our research grant program.
  • Stay updated on current Clinical Trials – Clinical trials involve a strong collaboration between researchers, drug-makers/pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, patients, and doctors. Patient support organizations/foundations can help patients share their experiences with researchers, highlighting what being afflicted by a certain disease has meant to them and sparking innovative ideas in researchers. There are several new clinical trials in process right now that support research for GBS, CIDP, and variants. Find out more about the clinical trial process, current opportunities and how to get involved.
  • Walk and Roll for Research – Find out how to get involved in our National Walk & Roll Fundraising program,  and see 2021 Virtual Walk Calendar! Walk & Roll is a great way to raise awareness, show your support, make friends and build a local network. And every dollar raised by you, to go directly to RESEARCH
  • Join the GBS|CIDP Patient Registry, share your experience, and play a critical role in a better tomorrow for patients everywhere. The GBS|CIDP Foundation invites you to join the online Patient Registry for patients with GBS|CIDP or variants of the condition.

Advocacy Awareness

  • Be a Plasma Hero on MAY 3, and Beyond – Plasma can be used to create life-saving therapies. The global demand for plasma has been steadily increasing over the years, but as of recently, it’s hit a critical mass. Now, more than ever, we need heroes to step up and donate plasma if we want to continue to treat those who rely on it, like patients with CIDP and variants. But we need your help. We need heroes to step up, donate plasma, and save lives. On May 3, 2021, the Plasma Hero campaign will be in full swing on all social channels for the Foundation as well as those social channels of our APLUS partners. Please Share the Plasma Hero Aware! You can expect a full day of sharing patient stories and highlighting the many ways plasma donors are heroes.  Find out more about becoming a Plasma Hero today!
  • Learn more about our work with the FDA – After holding a GBS Patient Listening session with the FDA in the Summer of 2020, the Foundation has continued to work with key leadership at the FDA to continue bringing the patient voice to their current work. Find out more about this unique and valuable partnership.
  • Join the 50 to FORWARD campaign!  Looking for an advocate in all 50 states!  Take action now, whether you are a patient, caregiver, friend, or family member, we encourage you to Use Your Voice and help us tell Senators and Congresspersons about what is important to the GBS, CIDP and variants community.  This May we are actively seeking advocacy leaders from every state to help us reach every member of Congress this year and hold a record number of meetings during our upcoming Month of Action. Visit the Foundation Advocacy Action Center and join our 50 to Forward campaign!

Get Involved:

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