GBS|CIDP Foundation International Becomes a Member of the National Health Council

In 2019, The GBS|CIDP Foundation International was honored with a membership to the National Health Council (NHC). The Foundation joins over 140 other organizations, including major pharmaceutical companies, well-known patient support foundations, and respected professional societies, in their Membership.

The mission of the NHC is to provide a united voice for the 160 million people living with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers. Founded in 1920, the NHC brings diverse organizations together to forge consensus and drive patient-centered health policy. The NHC provides a united voice for the more than 160 million people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers. Made up of more than 140 national health-related organizations and businesses, the NHC’s core membership includes the nation’s leading patient advocacy organizations, which control its governance and policy-making process. Other members include health-related associations and nonprofit organizations including the provider, research, and family caregiver communities; and businesses representing biopharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, generic, and payer organizations. (quoted from ).

The Foundation is honored by this membership not only because of the prestige of the NHC, but because being accepted as a member certifies that the Foundation meets the standards of excellence set by the NHC. These standards are important because they ensure that organizations are operating ethically, transparently, and efficiently towards a patient-centric mission. The standards set by the NHC are in line with with Better Business Bureau’s guidelines for nonprofit organizations, but are more stringent.

Standards of excellence for NHC members include:
-Limits to the percentage of funds that can be spent on fundraising
-An annual audit of office operations by an independent accountant
-A minimum number of board members
– + more – read about them here!

Chelsey and Maureen were honored to attend in the 2019 Annual NHC Members luncheon. While there, they learned more about the programs and support that the NHC provides foundations as well as the impact of the NHC’s advocacy efforts. The luncheon also provided a great networking opportunity, and they still had time to stop by the White House for a quick picture!

We are excited to continue our growth as a Foundation under the guidance of the NHC’s standards of excellence. As we continue to serve the GBS, CIDP, and variants community, we are dedicated to remaining a transparent and respected organization.

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