GBS|CIDP Awareness Month Going Strong!

An update from Chelsey Fix, Advocacy Manager

17 Days = 100 Advocates!

We are officially halfway through GBS|CIDP Awareness Month, and I am THRILLED to share with you that 100 members of the GBS|CIDP community have written a letter to their Members of Congress! That is 100 times that Senators and Representatives had a chance to learn about GBS, CIDP and variants! And 100 times that we asked for support of our legislative agenda! I am so excited about the progress we are making and want to send a huge, sincere, THANK YOU to the 100 Advocates that have helped us raise awareness this GBS|CIDP Awareness Month! 

Let’s keep the GBS|CIDP Awareness going all month long!

So far, advocates from 27 different states have written to their Members of Congress. Is your state on the list?? Check below to see if your state has participated yet, then head over to the Action Center to help us have an advocate in all 50 states! 

Looking for other ideas about how to raise awareness for GBS|CIDP Awareness Month? Check out our “10 Ways to Raise Awareness” list for some inspiration! And no matter what you do to celebrate GBS|CIDP Awareness Month, THANK YOU!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email. 

Happy Awareness-Raising!