Confused? Scared? Concerned?

Guillain‐Barré Syndrome. New vocabulary that is quickly becoming familiar. Unfortunately, you are one in approximately 100,000 people who will contract GBS this year. If you have been recently diagnosed with GBS you probably have a lot of questions.

We’re Here. And We’ve Been Where You Are.
The majority of the Foundation’s volunteers are intimate with the range of emotions that come with a recent diagnosis of GBS – a nerve disorder so rare that you probably have never heard of it. Until this, you were living a normal, active life. You may be in a lot of pain. You may be experiencing paralysis. You weren’t prepared for this. You may be overwhelmed.
Fortunately, There Is Help.
And there is hope. Over 80% of people diagnosed with GBS recover completely. Yes – that means they walk again. They participate in the activities they enjoyed before GBS.
You do not have to go through this alone. We’re here