Winter 2017

Jarrett’s Story

by Krista Fredericks (Jarret’s Mother),
Philadelphia, PA

Jarrett started walking funny a couple days before Halloween 2016. He said that the back of his legs were really hurting. Like anything, I thought it was probably just growing pains; he was seven at the time. Then the night of Halloween, we knew something was wrong when he was not able to walk up the steps to go trick or treating.

On November 1, I took him to his doctor. We were told they would get a scan of the legs and some blood work. The scan showed nothing and after the blood work, Jarrett passed out. Anytime a child passes out from blood work, they send them to the ER.

While waiting in the ER for some time, Jarrett started to really complain about his legs, and that the pain was shooting up into his arms and neck.  When the doctor came in to examine him, she said all his blood work came back fine. At the time of the examination, Jarrett could not even get his arms above his head nor was he able to touch his nose with his finger. At this point, the doctor told us that we needed to get him to a children’s hospital right away. We ended up at DuPont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, where he was given a two-hour MRI.

At first, everything seemed fine; however, the doctor told us that he thought that it could be Guillain-Barré Syndrome. We had never heard of GBS and the only sure-fire way to find out was through

a spinal tap. My heart dropped at the thought of having my seven-year-old going under such a risky procedure, but we decided that it was the best way to find out what was wrong. During the night, they gave us the results that confirmed that Jarrett had Guillain-Barré. The following morning, Jarrett was  tarted on IVIG treatment for seven days. Jarrett was a trooper through it all despite some serious headaches as a side effect of the treatment. Jarrett amazed the doctors with his progress.

Present day Jarrett is a happy eight-year old boy, with some lingering after effects. He does get tired out quickly, especially when participating in his favorite sport swimming, but he never gives up!


Jarrett attended the Philadelphia Walk & Roll on October 29, 2017, and did just fine!