GBS|CIDP Foundation’s Perfect 100 Score!

GBS|CIDP Foundation International announced it has earned a flawless score of 100 from Charity Navigator for Financial Health, and Accountability and Transparency. Charities with these distinctions execute their missions in a fiscally responsible way while adhering to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities.

Foundation CFO, Camille Yee
Foundation CFO, Camille Yee

These two 100 ratings translate to a perfect record which is earned by less than 1% of the thousands of charities evaluated by Charity Navigator. Since the award was given, the Foundation has received several significant gifts.

In talking with these most generous supporters, we learned that the Charity Navigator designation was an important factor in their decision as to which of the thousands of charities available to them to support. Camille Yee, Foundation CFO for more than 24 years, stated, “this designation is an encouragement to me as I strive to be the best steward of Foundation funds as possible. The mission to support patients is our foremost responsibility. Without sound fiscal management the GBS|CIDP Foundation International would be unable to do so.”

Here’s are a few examples:
Anne Laver, Aiken, SC, wrote: “Here is a photo of the group at Wellington, celebrating Big Red’s win. A great celebration
for an outstanding nonprofit. It was Boyd, along with these folks, who chose GBS|CIDP Foundation International as the recipient of the $10,000.” Regards, Anne!




Pat Reese, wife of Dale Reese Foundation founder, Dale Reese, Blue Ball, PA, called to say, “I choose ten charities a year to disperse funds in honor of my husband, Dale. When searching which local charities to support, I choose only those with outstanding ratings on Charity Navigator. Congratulations, on your well-deserved award.”

Ronald and Christine Sobchick, Fullerton, CA, recently donated $10,000. The Sobchik’s daughter, Laura, was diagnosed 36 years ago with GBS. They wrote, “GBS|CIDP Foundation International has done amazing research. We would like to continue this mission. Laura recently married and we have given this gift in honor of her.” Ron and Christine, we are honored to share in this joyous occasion with you and your family. Thank you for your gift.

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