Tell Congress Why Plasma Is Essential

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For many people, IVIG and SCIG is an amazing, life-saving medication! IVIG and SCIG are immunoglobulin therapies created from source plasma. Source plasma is donated from healthy volunteers at one of many plasma collection centers across the country. People who donate plasma are everyday heroes and we thank them for their time and contribution! 

Currently, there is a situation that is making it harder for people to donate source plasma. US Customs and Border Protection has stopped allowing people from Mexico to come to the US to donate plasma, and this could result in a decline in the amount of source plasma available to create medicines like IVIG or SCIG.

Help us protect the source plasma supply by writing a letter to your Senators and Representative! Our goal is to make Members of Congress aware that this action could affect access to medicines in the near future.

Email if you want to contact your Representatives and Senators on this issue.