A Message of Support from the Foundation Team

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In response to the tragic events this past week, we wanted to share the following thoughts with you, our treasured community. GBS, CIDP, MMN, and all the variants do not discriminate. These potentially life-threatening yet all life-changing conditions can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. They do not distinguish by sex, age, nationality, or color. And it is our mission to serve this community because you are all people, patients in need of support and we respond to each patient and family as just that. During this pandemic and civil unrest, today, more than ever, we wish we could gather in person.  

Please know that we are here for EVERY patient, our conditions do not discriminate and neither do we. Please continue to practice social distancing to remain safe and well. Remember that social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. We are virtually wrapping our arms around each of you in your time of need and we stand with all of you today, tomorrow, and always.