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The GBS|CIDP Foundation is dedicated to being a resource for all those dealing with the disorder, including healthcare professionals. The industry, along with the Foundation, publish documents that help inform medical professionals.

Foundation Research

In 2014, the GBS|CIDP Foundation International awarded 4 research grants.

  • Researchers led by Dr. Isabel Illa at Hospital Santa Creu-Sant Pau in Barcelona, Spain, are looking to identify different genetic subgroups of CIDP. Once identified, these subgroups will enable doctors to introduce more specific therapies and prognoses to patients, specifically for IVIg and steroid-resistant patients.
  • Proper treatment for GBS in low-income countries is severely lacking, leading to mortality and disability rates far higher than those reported in America and European countries. In Bangladesh, where the incidence rate for GBS is much higher than the global average, Dr. Zhahirul Islam and his team are working on developing new outcome measures for GBS patients in low-income countries.
  • At the University of Chicago, Dr. Betty Soliven is investigating how different types of immune cells contribute to disease severity in CIDP patients. This research explore the regulatory mechanisms involved in CIDP, and could lead to new therapeutic strategies.
  • In many cases, incomplete recovery from GBS symptoms is caused by the failure of the peripheral nervous system to regenerate. Dr. Pablo H. H. Lopez in Argentina is attempting to better understand the signaling pathway involved in neuron grown inhibition.

The Foundation awarded the first Benson Fellowship in 2014.

  • Ruth Huizinga aims to understand how preceding infections cause the development of anti-neuronal antibodies. She is working in the lab of Prof. Hugh Willison in Glasgow, UK.


Peripheral Nerve Society Publications

The Peripheral Nerve Society is comprised of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding, diagnosing, and treating peripheral nerve diseases. Their publication library hosts valuable information and research.
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American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine

The AANEM is designed to address the needs of all neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic health care providers by bringing together physicians, researchers, technologists, and collaborators who specialize in these areas of medicine.  The AANEM has an Electrodiagnostic (EDX) Laboratory Accreditation Program that acknowledges laboratories for achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality, performance, and integrity based on professional standards.  The certification branch of the AANEM is the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) which certifies physicians who specialize in the tests used to diagnosis CIDP and GBS.  The AANEM encourages patients needing an EMG study or concerned if they have GBS or CIDP to see a specialist who is either in an accredited laboratory or certified.

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