Patient Needs Come First

Our commitment is our story. It all began with eight people sitting around a dining room table 30 years ago. Through the hard work and determination of our Founder, Estelle Benson, the Foundation grew larger and has become able to support many patients, family members, friends and caregivers. The Foundation is committed to continuing to provide the experience of care and support so indicative of the original grass-roots mission.

Our commitment is to support those touched by GBS | CIDP and variants so that every patient has access to early, diagnosis, proper treatment and the opportunity for a full recovery. Learn about our original Founders, Bob and Estelle Benson and the fascinating historic journey that was once 8 and is now over 30,000 members! Our Leadership guided by our Board of Directors, is committed to guiding success in all areas of support, education, research and advocacy. The Foundation is extremely fortunate to be associated with the top experts in neurology. This expertise extends to you in many ways, including the Centers of Excellence program which they created and maintain.